Our Board Certification Program is designed to demonstrate that a candidate has mastery of a broad range of general practice topics and critical thinking skills to effectively treat patients.

The exam is divided into two parts:

Part 1

Candidates must subscribe to Audio Digest Family Medicine (at their own expense). Each candidate must provide the AAGP with copies of test scores documenting successful completion of 70 topics.  To get started, click here and subscribe to Best Lectures for CME Family Medicine Collection. There are 21 categories containing 203 lectures total. Each candidate will need to complete at least 70 of these lectures. Out of 21 categories, you must complete a minimum of 3 tests from each category. Not all lectures include a test so be sure to choose lectures that do include a test.

Part 2

Candidates will prepare ten (10) case histories on a wide variety of patients they have treated. These histories should showcase your critical thinking skills and document your thought process in evaluating and treating the patient. In some circumstances, the AAGP may contact you to orally discuss the case. A candidate must receive a minimum score of 80% on part two of the exam to pass.

Cost: The cost of the exam is $750 (not including the cost of your required subscription to Audio Digest Family Medicine.)

Scoring of the exam: A board certified doctor will score your exam. Every effort will be made to allow the candidate the opportunity to demonstrate their high level of competency. However, scoring on the case presentation is somewhat subjective. All decisions on scoring of the exam are final. A maximum of two (2) attempts to pass the case history portion of the exam will be allowed. Parts 1 and 2 must be completed within twelve (12) months of payment of the exam fee. You, by agreeing to take the exam, agree to hold harmless the AAGP and any of its officers or agents against any litigation concerning scoring of exam and/or award of board certification.

Ongoing Certification: To maintain board certification status, a minimum of sixty (60) continuing education hours approved by AAGP must be completed each year. Annual dues must be paid to the AAGP if you wish for us to document your approved continuing education hours and offer online verification of your board status. An annual written certification will also be required from each member to disclose any disciplinary actions by a state medical board, misdemeanor or criminal charges and malpractice claims.

Please contact Mark Lowe at 423-646-3994 or mlowe@drsmgmt.com to register for exam or ask questions.