Upon completion of the PRR program, graduates are entitled to many unique benefits, such as automatic qualification for board eligibility status with the American Academy of General Practitioners (AAGP), and a fast track path to full board certification.

Usually, candidates for the AAGP board certification program must complete a 2 part examination process

Part 1

of the exam requires candidates to subscribe to Audio Digest Family Medicine which contains 203 lectures in 21 categories. To pass Part 1 of the exam, candidates must complete at least 70 lectures and a minimum of 3 est per category.

Part 2

requires candidates to prepare 10 case histories on the various patients they have treated in their career. A minimum score of 80% is needed to pass this part of the exam. Because PRR graduates are fast tracked into the board certification program, they can skip the Part 1 requirement and only need to complete Part 2 to get fully credentialed as a general or primary care medical practitioner.